Valentin Degenne

I am a full-stack JavaScript freelancer in the field of Web Development specialized in progressive applications, Korean, Japanese and Chinese languages.

Below is a list of my most prominent work :

subdirectory_arrow_rightRelational Korean-Chinese dictionary.

I started developing this application in 2014 as I began learning Korean, and have since until now fill in the data almost everyday.

The idea was to make a relational dictionary for classifying Korean characters as they were made from Chinese its base language.



subdirectory_arrow_rightInstagram account of Chikojap

I have made this Instagram account in 2019 as a way to share useful information about Korean, Japanese and Chinese language.


subdirectory_arrow_rightMediator website of Chikojap

The website features a small application to learn and train Japanese vocabulary check the app

home page

Chikojap is a non-profit personal project born from my desire to teach about Korean, Chinese and Japanese language.

This project was made possible from the knowledge I acquired in the field of web development over the past years.

All the projects, the pictures and videos on the instagram account related to Chikojap were all created using pure JavaScript, CSS, and using lit-html and Polymer Frameworks.


Minerva is a minimal web-application whose goal is to cheer up people around the world.

Daily life can be really stressful, especially when overwhelmed by tasks and projects. But sometimes all we need is to pause few seconds and talk to the mind.


I made this small web application for people to share text in the language they learn.

Other people can correct their sentences using a color-like syntax.

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